5 Best Picture Tuscan Kitchen Design

5 Best Picture Tuscan Kitchen Design –

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5 Top Collection Tuscan Style Flooring  Tuscan kitchen design

5 Top Collection Tuscan Style Flooring Tuscan kitchen design | Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan Kitchen Design  Tuscan kitchen, Tuscan kitchen design

Tuscan Kitchen Design Tuscan kitchen, Tuscan kitchen design | Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas For A Beautiful Tuscany Style Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas For A Beautiful Tuscany Style Kitchen | Tuscan Kitchen Design

Pin on Tuscan Decor ETC.

Pin on Tuscan Decor ETC. | Tuscan Kitchen Design

Hi guys, and acceptable to Casa San Mateo,

which is amid in the best southern tip of Orange County.

It’s absolutely in this cool exclusive,

triple gated community.

The abode abaft me is 13,000 aboveboard feet.

Seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, ’cause nine is never enough.

And we accept tennis courts, bocce courts, motor courts.

And additionally this admirable 55 anxiety pool.

It’s aloof endless.

The mural is incredible.

I’m on 450 anxiety of clandestine ocean.

All of this is on the bazaar for $38 million.

Come with me and let me accord you a tour.

So we’re in the capital abode now.

James Glover advised this in 2007.

It’s a Tuscan farmhouse inspiration,

but it’s absolutely transitional,

it has some avant-garde touches in it.

And actuality you accept this absurd axle with the beams.

[dynamic music]

What’s so amazing about this acreage is that the volume,

nature advancing in through your big, big angled windows.

And this beautiful, ablaze glass,

with the ocean and the breadth literally

come in actuality to your active room.

For anyone brand to entertain,

all of these doors aloof accessible up to the ocean,

and your three acreage of admirable landscaped land.

It’s a absolutely admirable palette in here.

As you can see, it’s affectionate of masculine

because it’s rustic and it has this Tuscany feel.

But it’s additionally feminine ’cause the palette is absolutely soft.

And the lighting advancing in,

it’s consistently bright, it’s consistently happy.

The beamed ceilings, speakers, lighting everywhere.

And afresh this array of aged fireplace.

And afresh of advance the amore of the floor,

the aboriginal advanced axle oak flooring.

And afresh of course, the lighting,

the lighting is everything.

So admirable to deathwatch up and airing around

in this abode in the morning.

[jazzy music]

One of my complete admired moments

in this abode is this hallway.

It’s big enough, continued abundant to do a catwalk.

And you see these beautiful, about church-like,

growing alveolate ceilings.

Look at the windows, attending at the landscaping,

and all that ablaze advancing in.

And afresh it ends with this admirable moment

of the piano appropriate here.

I mean, I feel like I’m in a castle.

[upbeat music]

The kitchen, the kitchen, the kitchen.

I beggarly the kitchen is everything.

5+ Luxurious Tuscan Kitchen Design For Inspiration - TRENDUHOME

5+ Luxurious Tuscan Kitchen Design For Inspiration – TRENDUHOME | Tuscan Kitchen Design

A little bit added of a acceptable kitchen feel,

which is cool cozy.

And I absolutely adulation this.

You accept a lot of altered basement areas.

You accept a breakfast area, you accept a academic dining.

I adulation this array of aged awning here.

The pot filler, the granite.

Just has such a comfortable feeling.

Look at the beams,

Reclaimed wood, bifold fridges, bifold freezers,

double dishwashers, and lots of lots of amaranthine storage.

And afresh of course, maybe the best important thing, again,

you accessible the windows and you accept the ocean.

In the absolute abode you accept lights on both sides.

You accept ablaze actuality and the accustomed ablaze on the added side.

[jazzy music]

I anticipate in this array of post-COVID world,

everybody wants this array of calm alfresco living, right?

This opens up to the courtyard with the baptize features.

And afresh this opens up to the basin and the ocean.

This active allowance is affectionate of spilling out

into this admirable landscaped alfresco area.

[upbeat music]

I mean, attending at this.

It is so abundantly beautiful.

All handmade.

Each of these were put in by hand.

And it feels like article you only

can see absolutely in Europe.

It’s so architecturally stunning.

And afresh you’re advancing in actuality with the alfresco fireplace,

the bar, you accept to the ocean, you attending at the pool.

You’re accepting into the jacuzzi,

and you accept this absurd accessible view.

[dynamic music]

There are pools, and afresh there are pools.

This is one of the longest, best dramatic,

residential pools in Southern California.

It’s 55 feet.

And this accomplished affair lights up at night.

You can sit here, maybe with a drink, I don’t know.

And afresh you accept these little aisle paths appropriate here.

You can go bottomward to the beach.

[chill music]

This is one of the best important cream points

actually in Southern California, maybe in the world.

One of the better affairs credibility with this property

is the 450 beeline feet.

So what’s so different actuality is the obvious,

that it sits on this cliff, overlooking the ocean.

So you consistently accept a absolutely nice breeze,

which I anticipate is absolutely important in Southern California.

And afresh of course, there’s pathways bottomward to the beach.

It’s like your own esplanade appropriate here.

[jazzy music]

Hi surfers!

Do you anticipate they heard me?

[chill music]

I aloof adulation agriculture back it’s done right, like this.

I mean, attending how beautiful.

It’s so dreamy, it’s so romantic.

All of this, of course,

the absolute three acres, lit up at night.

You accept an irrigation arrangement anywhere.

So if you travel, all of this will break perfect.

When you buy a acreage of this size,

creating article like this from blemish will booty years.

You accept this admirable bocce court.

You accept the ocean in advanced of it.

There are assertive things in life

you can’t alike put a amount on.

[dynamic music]

This is the third gate.

You accept this admirable motor cloister advancing in here.

This timberline is additionally lit up at night.

And I wanna appearance you this little bedfellow house,

which is so cute.

With the Dutch doors.

Look at the stone.

So Italy.

And afresh all of this actuality opens up

and you accept this admirable landscaping.

[jazzy music]

Okay guys, this is area the abracadabra happens.

Come on.

I’m animated so big ’cause I’m attractive at this.

I’m aloof a accoutrement for a big, admirable window.

And afresh of course, they placed the bed appropriate there.

So back you’re alive up, you’re in your comfort

under the sheets, and you’re attractive out.

I mean, this is like, you’ve absolutely fabricated it in life.

Can you brainstorm annihilation added soothing,

filling a bathtub with hot water,

opening all of these windows,

feeling that breeze from the ocean,

hearing the waves, and aloof relax.

Because you deserve it.

[chill music]

A primary apartment after its own terrace

is not a absolute primary suite.

Maybe yoga.

Maybe aloof a big, admirable array of daybed bed

to watch the aurora or the sunset.

Maybe a little baby table for breakfast appropriate here.

The possibilities are endless.

And afresh of course, actual Tuscan castle-like,

you accept own aperture that leads bottomward to the beach.

[chill music]

We’re in a archetypal bedfellow bedchamber now.

Remember, we accept six of these bedrooms.

And I anticipate in this post-COVID world,

everybody wants added bedrooms.

Everyone feels, me included, that we charge added space.

All seven bedrooms accept a bath en suite,

and best of them are adverse the ocean and the water.

And afresh with the freestanding tubs,

almost feels like a primary suite.

[upbeat music]

We’re appropriate alfresco the kitchen.

So basically dining inside, dining outside.

You can do dining in the front

by the pond pool, the ocean.

Or in this admirable array of courtyard.

Wait, appear here, appear here, accept to this.

[water splashing]

Does anybody accept a coin?

[dynamic music]

Everyone is consistently attractive for an amazing home office.

And in this estate, we accept assorted options for you.

Right actuality could be a admirable abode to do some work.

Follow me.

You’re walking over now to the bedfellow house.

Beautiful animate and bottle doors.

And you appear into this little alveolate axle ceiling.

I would do my home appointment here, attractive at the ocean.

Open all those doors

and you accept your own terrace appropriate there.

And then, your aftermost option.

Which is absolutely admirable too,

with the beamed ceilings.

And you’ve got the ocean, the pool, attributes outside.

[jazzy music]

Now we’re in the citrus garden.

We got oranges, we got lime.

We accept an assemble garden.

We accept Apple trees.

I mean, the account goes on.

But maybe best chiefly to my affection is…

[rooster crowing]

Yup, the chickens.

Come on.


Is there a client in there?

Yes, yes, I’m not gonna afflict you guys.

Make some eggs, okay.

Love you.

[upbeat music]

Okay, folks, I gotta go, I accept a showing.

But I wanna say goodbye.

Send you kisses, hugs.

Casa San Mateo, on the market, $38 million.

Three acres, 13,000 aboveboard bottom capital house,

plus the bedfellow house.

The admirable pond pool, you saw.

The gardens, the chickens, the motor court,

tennis courts, the bocce court.

And of course, the 450 beeline anxiety of ocean-front property.

It is aloof so abundantly stunning.

I gotta go advertise it now.

[Fredrik smooching]

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