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I awoke abutting to midnight. It was the average of August, in 1992, and the windows were accessible in the allowance of the Paris auberge breadth I was staying. The air was balmy and still. My chest acquainted clammy with — sweat? I affected the actuality with an basis feel and apprenticed it to my thumb. It acquainted tacky. Blood!

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I put on shorts and flip-flops and absolved bottomward a flight of stairs to the men’s bathroom. There, I stood in advanced of a mirror and advised the thin, blood-soaked adhesive that covered my chest. I ran a duke through it like feel paint, analytic for the source. Had I aching a mole? I was starting to feel nauseated. I opened a faucet and splashed baptize on my neck, amateur and torso. I patted myself dry with a cardboard towel, which anon was covered in damp, blush blotches. Pale and sweating, I angry against the door, grasped the handle and askance it. Stepping into the hallway, I collapsed.

A specific all-overs is an all-overs ataxia in which the attendance or apprehension of an object, beastly or bearings provokes acute and aberrant fear. Approximately 12.5 percent of American adults will ache from at atomic one such all-overs at some aeon in their lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Breadth I work, one of my colleagues suffers from a all-overs of spiders. (She underwent analysis for the action several years ago, which helped.) Addition aide has a all-overs of benumbed in elevators and, whenever possible, will booty the stairs. Yet addition is aflutter about active over bridges. 

A aflutter acknowledgment starts in the academician but instantly affects added genitalia of your physiology: Affection amount and claret burden access as the affectionate abashed arrangement activates the body’s fight-or-flight response. Some bodies may sweat, flutter and feel their anatomy abutting and affection palpitate.

But claret all-overs and its abutting of kin, abrasion all-overs and bang phobia, are different. (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders groups these phobias calm as blood-injection-injury phobia, or BII.) Celebratory claret bleed from a wound, breeze into a syringe or bespatter on the ground, claret phobics initially will acknowledge like added phobics — that is, their affection amount and claret burden will increase. But afresh commodity abroad will happen: Their affection amount and claret burden will aback drop, causing dizziness, sweatiness, adit vision, nausea, amazement or some aggregate of these symptoms. This is a vasovagal response. The vagus nerve, a basic of the parasympathetic abashed system, meanders from the academician axis through the neck, chest and abdomen. It helps to ascendancy automatic “rest and digest” functions, such as blurred affection amount and announcement the beard of belly juices. But aback it overreacts — in acknowledgment to hunger, dehydration, continuing up quickly, continuing too long, acute laughter, abrupt fright, astringent coughing, pain, airsickness and, of course, the afterimage of blood, amid added triggers — it causes a vasovagal response, which does not about action with added phobias.  

Blood-injury-injection all-overs is a adequately accepted psychiatric disorder: Studies appraisal 3 to 4 percent of the citizenry suffers from it. But why would the afterimage of blood, or for that amount the afterimage of actuality ashore by a hypodermic needle, activate a physiological acknowledgment that is so altered — about adverse — to that of added phobias? This is the mystery.

When I woke up, I was lying on my aback on the asphalt attic of the anteroom alfresco the bathroom. My anatomy acquainted abundant and relaxed. An egg-shaped arena of faces — adolescent acceptance on my study-abroad affairs — peered bottomward at me. Addition told me my forehead was bleeding; it charge accept happened aback I fell. I didn’t feel like moving. I acquainted like sleeping on the floor. But I was bustled into a tiny car and apprenticed to a adjacent hospital, breadth I underwent a alternation of evaluations by a accumulation of medical residents. No big deal, I told them, in amateurish French. I had aloof eaten ailing that day and was apparently dehydrated, too. But the anticipation of the claret nagged me. I never ample out its source, but I was adequately assertive it had played a role in my amazement episode.

A brace of years later, I accepted my antecedent afterwards extensive below the kitchen bore at my parents’ home in Santa Cruz, Calif., to booty out the garbage. I broken my feel on an concealed lid of a can nestled in the refuse. As claret dripped bottomward my finger, I lay bottomward on the living-room carpet, abashed through my clothes. Had I remained standing, I apparently would accept fainted. Since then, I accept acquainted nauseated at the afterimage of claret on several occasions and fainted on another. But what I accept consistently activate abstruse about my all-overs is this: I’m not carefully abashed of blood; it aloof makes me feel sick.

So I was absorbed to apprentice that some advisers accept accepted that abhorrence acuteness may comedy a role in triggering the vasovagal acknowledgment in claret phobics. But what little analysis has been done on the disgust-fainting accord has yielded alloyed results. And one of the best contempo studies on the subject, based on a sample of 361 claret donors and appear aftermost year in the Account of Behavior Analysis and Experimental Psychiatry, activate no affiliation amid abhorrence acuteness and vasovagal symptoms.

Other advisers accept appropriate that amazement at the afterimage of claret may be the evidence of analeptic apathy — arena asleep — that is still empiric in abounding beastly breed aback confronted with specific fears. “This ‘emotional fainting’ could be a physiological activation of a specific evolutionary reflex rather than an acquired cultural phenomenon,” according to a 2001 abstraction in Circulation.

Still others accept appropriate that claret all-overs bestowed an evolutionary advantage: If, while hunting mammoth, you accidentally stabbed your bottom with the tip of your spear, low claret burden may accept bargain claret accident and ultimately added your befalling for approaching changeable activities. Studies appearance that hardly added than 60 percent of claret phobics’ first-degree ancestors additionally accept the phobia, suggesting there may be a abiogenetic basic to the disorder. (My brother has become addled and bathed at the afterimage of blood, admitting he has never fainted.)

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What I accept consistently activate abstruse about my all-overs is this: I’m not carefully abashed of blood; it aloof makes me feel sick.

Yet claret all-overs apparently would not — at atomic in avant-garde times — accommodate abundant in the way of careful advantage. Emergency medical responders about can ability you bound and stanch bleeding. And if you faint, you can sustain a worse abrasion by falling. The added advantageous question, it seems, is how to stop from amazement in the aboriginal place.

In the aboriginal 1980s, a Swedish analyst alleged Lars-Göran Öst apprehend a case study, appear in the British account Behavioural Psychotherapy, that absorbed him: The study’s authors, Michael Kozak and George Montgomery of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, had instructed a 21-year-old woman with a history of amazement at the afterimage of injuries to abutting her anatomy as a way of arresting with such beheld stimuli. The abbreviating added claret burden and bookish claret flow, preventing her from fainting. The authors acclaimed that beforehand studies had appear the use of leg contest and “fantasy-provoked anger” to achieve the aforementioned goal. Yet Kozak and Montgomery wrote that the amount of such action “probably lies in its acceptance abiding acknowledgment to the eliciting stimulus, appropriately acceptance adaptive relearning to occur.” In added words, they beheld the address as a apparatus for acceptable analysis rather than the capital agent of treatment.

Photo by Erin Kunkel John SanfordBlood aflutter no more.

Öst and a colleague, Ulf Sterner, conducted a abstraction in which claret phobics tensed their anatomy in acknowledgment to claret stimuli. The results, appear in the cardboard “Applied Tension: A Specific Behavioral Method for Analysis of Claret Phobia,” showed that the almost abbreviate analysis arrangement — bristles one-hour sessions — led to apparent improvement. First, participants accomplished abbreviating anatomy in their arms, anatomy and legs for 10 to 15 seconds, until they began to feel their faces flush. Afresh they did this while celebratory slides and videos of claret and, later, while celebratory claret withdrawal. Finally, they acclimated the activated astriction address while watching alive thoracic surgery. At the end of the analysis sequence, the participants watched a 30-minute video of a thoracic operation. Every one was able to watch the absolute blur afterwards amazement or, for that matter, experiencing any vasovagal reaction, the abstraction says.

In 1991, Öst and some colleagues compared assorted techniques for alleviative claret phobia: activated tension, in which participants tensed while apparent to claret stimuli; astriction only; and acknowledgment only. The after-effects were dramatic: 90 percent of the applied-tension accumulation and 80 percent of the tension-only accumulation showed improvement, compared with aloof 40 percent of the acknowledgment group. These allegation adumbrated that the arresting accomplishment — astriction — was the acute component, the advisers wrote.

I alleged Öst at his home in Uppsala, Sweden. He is on the adroitness of Stockholm University. “I was abashed at how able activated astriction was,” he says. “Having formed beforehand with added arresting techniques, we declared the accommodating would use the address post-treatment, aback they were watching the thoracic anaplasty film. We were abashed aback added than bisected the patients in the applied-tension accumulation said they hadn’t acclimated it while watching the film. Aback we asked why, they said they hadn’t bare to. They said, ‘If I had the symptoms, I knew I had an able address I could use.’”

He continues: “In some ways, it seems they got a addition of aplomb by acquirements this address and were no best abashed that they would ache the affection yet be clumsy to do annihilation about it.”

Craig Barr Taylor, a assistant of psychiatry at Stanford’s medical school, has advised abounding phobics, including my aide with the spider phobia. He is the administrator of the Stanford Hospital & Clinics all-overs disorders clinic, which is breadth I met him, in his office, aftermost fall. He has a arena of white beard and a white mustache, and he looks airy and vaguely amused. I had abiding the affair with him to abide a affair of applied-tension therapy. The blood-injection-injury phobics whom he had advised afore were mainly patients who bare to accord themselves shots, such as diabetics. “But I additionally absolutely do see a accessible bloom account to this therapy,” Taylor says. “Blood donation is important for society.”

“Squeeze your anxiety and your legs, your easily and your amateur and chest until your face feels flushed. OK — Breathe.”

Treatment for best phobias, he explains, is done by gradually advertisement bodies to the altar of their fears. For example, arachnophobes will aboriginal sit in a allowance with a artificial spider on the table. Afresh a asleep amoroso long-legs in a jar will be placed on the table. Afresh a alive amoroso long-legs in a jar. Afresh the accommodating will blow the jar with a ruler. And so on until the accommodating can absolutely authority a spider in his or her hand. Often the accommodating will accomplish abysmal breath and added alleviation techniques during the acknowledgment therapy. “When the academician looks at commodity it fears beneath altitude of perceived safety, it will acclimate to that fear,” Taylor says. “It’s one of the best abstruse and important genitalia of our biology.”

In applied-tension therapy, acknowledgment is accumulated with the arresting apparatus of abbreviating muscles. I convenance the technique, and Taylor coaches me: “Squeeze your anxiety and your legs, your easily and your amateur and chest until your face feels flushed,” he says. “OK — breathe. Remember to breathe. Perfect. Now relax.” We convenance this several added times. He has to accumulate reminding me to breathe normally, which I acquisition difficult to do while abbreviating my anatomy at the aforementioned time. Anon I feel the acquisitive awareness of diaphoresis basic at the top of my forehead.

Next, Taylor shows me an image, on his computer, of a dark-orange dot. It does not attending like blood, but I attending at it while abbreviating my anatomy for 10 seconds. No problem. “We’ll aloof see your reactions to these and how far you can go,” Taylor says.

He tells me to abutting my eyes as he puts a new angel on the awning of the computer. It is a red dot. I abutting my muscles. No problem. And so it goes, until I am attractive at claret decrepit off the cuticle of a nail. Still, no problem. “I adulation alleviative phobics,” Taylor says, grinning. “It’s so admirable to see bodies do these contest and get bigger quickly. It’s so effective.”

The Stanford Claret Centermost on Hillview Avenue, abreast Foothill Expressway in Palo Alto, is housed in a avant-garde concrete-and-glass building. I drive there a few canicule afterwards practicing my applied-tension address with Taylor. I accommodated training administrator Mary Hayes, RN, who has formed at the centermost for 14 years. She teaches nurses and medical administration how to abjure claret for donation.

The claret center, which additionally has locations in Menlo Park and Mountain View, food claret and claret apparatus to seven hospitals in the region, allowance an estimated 100,000 patients annually. To accommodated that need, it charge aggregate 200 pints of claret a day.

“A lot of donors, aback they are sitting in that chair, they’ll attending at you and they’ll say, ‘You apperceive what? I absolutely don’t like needles,’” Hayes says. “And I’ll attending at them and I’ll say, ‘Honey, you’re in the amiss spot.’”

Some acquaintance a vasovagal acknowledgment artlessly as a aftereffect of departing with a pint of blood, which lowers claret pressure. “You’ll attending at a donor and think, ‘He wasn’t that blush a few abnormal ago,’” she says.

Still, alone a baby cardinal of claret donors absolutely ache a vasovagal response. In such cases, the center’s agents about will tip aback the donors’ chairs to get their anxiety in the air and animate claret breeze to the head. “Usually, they balance aural minutes,” Hayes says. “It’s very, actual quick.”

Drinking 16 ounces of baptize bisected an hour afore altruistic claret can advice anticipate the vasovagal response; baptize increases sympathetic-nervous-system activation and claret pressure, Hayes says. She additionally says coughing, which increases bookish claret flow, is a acceptable arresting mechanism.

I watch a apple of claret activate to anatomy and accelerate bottomward my finger. I abutting my anatomy and apply on the blood.

I airing on to the attic of the blood-drawing breadth and sit bottomward in a armchair abutting to a middle-aged man. He smiles at me. I ask whether he would apperception if I watch him accord blood, and I explain why. Not at all, he says. A few account afterwards a aggravate is amid into his arm and claret begins to breeze into a abbreviate tube. I activate abbreviating my feet, legs, accoutrements and shoulders. I feel awkward staring at addition while axis red in the face, but I soldier on. I anon realize, afterwards accomplishing the exercise alert for about 10 abnormal anniversary time, that I’m not activity to feel ailing or faint. I relax my anatomy and abide gazing at the blood.

Later, I ask Öst, the Swedish psychologist, whether he thinks alleviative claret all-overs was any easier than alleviative added kinds of phobias. “I don’t anticipate that it is accessible to achieve that blood-injection-injury phobics, in general, are easier to amusement than added kinds of specific phobics,” he says.

Was I cured? I wasn’t certain. I adjudge to accord myself one final test.

I appointment Taylor again, and this time I accompany a box of lancets with me. Affair in his office, I besom my average feel with some alcohol. Taylor pulls the cap off the end of a lancet.

“Are you ready?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say.

It is about painless; it feels added like an acute crawling than the prick of a needle. I watch a apple of claret anatomy and accelerate bottomward my finger. I abutting my anatomy and apply on the blood. Afterwards about 10 seconds, I relax. I am fine.

“You are amazing,” Taylor tells me. “Do you apperceive what you aloof did? I’m so appreciative of you. If you can do that, you can do anything.”

I blanket a cast about my finger, acknowledge him and airing out of the office. What surprises me best is the ability I accept affected a physiological acknowledgment that, until recently, I was appealing abiding was out of my control. It feels affiliated to aback advertent you can move an commodity with your mind. In the process, I tricked my academician into calmly absorbing the afterimage of blood.

The photo that accompanies this commodity was taken a brace of months afterwards my aftermost affair with Taylor. Admitting I knew the plan for the photo was for me to authority a canteen of blood, I didn’t bother application activated astriction afore or during the shoot. I acquainted abnormally airy about the achievability of amazement or activity sick, my aplomb bolstered by all I had done before.

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