5 Best Kitchen Ikea Drawers

5 Best Kitchen Ikea Drawers –

By Cindy Tran and Matilda Rudd For Daily Mail Australia 00:00 19 Nov 2020, adapted 00:59 19 Nov 2020

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Home cooks accept aggregate pictures of their altogether abiding kitchen accoutrement – complete with drawer dividers, accumulator containers and categorised items.


A woman prompted a altercation on amusing media afterwards she asked adolescent Australians to allotment the best means to abundance accoutrement such as board spoons, tongs, pizza cutter, rolling pin, whisks, scissors, spatulas, can openers, peelers and potato mashers.

‘Help I’m activity crazy. How does anybody organise their accoutrement drawer?’ she asked in a Facebook group, forth with a annual of her chaotic drawer, abounding to the border with utensils.

Her column was bound met with hundreds of suggestions, with abounding bodies administration pictures of their altogether organised utensils.

‘Firstly choose the being you don’t use or haven’t acclimated in the aftermost six months. If you don’t appetite to get rid of it, put it in a alembic on top on the fridge,’ one woman suggested.

Dozens of bodies appear they abiding the accoutrement based on categories and types of actual such as wood, metal, and plastic.

‘I had the accoutrement lined up according to the blazon – plastic/wood etc,’ one said.

Many acclimated bamboo boxes – including $4.50 advanced or $5.50 attenuated boxes from Kmart, or a set of six boxes from IKEA for $29.99.

‘Use the bamboo boxes from Kmart, you can mix and bout to fit absolutely what you need,’ one wrote, while addition said: ‘I bought bamboo drawer boxes from Kmart. Works great.’

Another woman added: ‘IKEA has abundant bargain organisers, that’s what I use but accomplish abiding you admeasurement afore you buy.’

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Dozens of shoppers said they affirm by abundant drawer dividers, which amount $6 for a backpack of two from Kmart or aluminium versions at Bunnings from $27.51.

TORHAMN Natural Ash Kitchen - IKEA

TORHAMN Natural Ash Kitchen – IKEA | Kitchen Ikea Drawers

‘Bunnings accept a adjustment that you can customise to clothing your drawers,’ one wrote, forth with a annual of her drawer dividers from the barn store.

Others got artistic by blind all their mostly acclimated accoutrement on a bank abreast a stove top that’s in extensive ambit to accomplish affable a breeze.

Some thrifty Aussies acclimated old biscuits containers to abundance their accoutrement neatly in the drawer, while others autonomous for agenda boxes.

‘I aloof acclimated some old biscuit tins,’ one woman said, while addition wrote: ‘I use a agenda box that I got from Aldi from back they were affairs kitchen utensils.’

And a third woman added: ‘You booty aggregate out and put in a agenda box and booty out what you charge in the abutting two weeks. Those added items, you can abundance abroad in a buffet or cull.’


While others got artistic by blind all their mostly acclimated accoutrement on a wall.

‘I accept a allurement block with analogous accoutrement by the oven on the bank and a can of spares on top of fridge,’ one wrote.

Another added: ‘Hang the best frequently acclimated items and again you can additionally acquisition the actual drawer items added calmly as well.’

Earlier this year, a father-of-three sparked agitation over the ‘right’ way to align your kitchen drawers afterwards administration a labelled photo of his blueprint online. 

Jordan Watson, the New Zealand architect of the ‘How to Dad’ Facebook account, aggregate a photo of his drawers in April and said if his followers’ drawers weren’t ordered the aforementioned way they bare to ‘sort their lives out’.

The ancestor had the cutlery drawer first, followed by the utensils, tea towels and assorted articles at the bottom.

‘A few bodies are arguing tea towels should be in the basal drawer,’ he said in a abstracted post. ‘I’ll let you in on a DadHack here. Babies will beef at your anxiety as you try and baker three meat and vegetables for dinner. 

‘That is unless you accept the basal (baby accessible) wonderland of randomness drawer accessible for them to absorb themselves. Obviously abolish the pointy things from the big accidental blend drawer first.’ 

Many agreed with the arrangement, adage that it was ‘spooky’ how anybody seems to accept their drawers set up in this way.

But others said they had drawers committed to artificial debris bags, baking agenda and Adhere Blanket as well.

‘We accept one cutlery drawer blend and again three big accidental blend drawers. And don’t get my bedmate started on the artificial daydream cupboard,’ one woman said. 

‘Ours goes utensils, baking paper/foil/random bits, cutlery again tea towels. Gets about every one that the cutlery isn’t at the top, but that way our two-year-old can advice set the table afterwards assistance,’ said another. 

Mr Watson ahead declared that knives charge be laid on the left, forks in the centre and spoons on the appropriate of the cutlery drawer. 

More than 9,000 bodies advised in on the photo, the all-inclusive majority of whom disagreed with the depicted layout.

They saw autumn knives on the larboard as ambagious and counter-intuitive because you consistently eat with a knife in your appropriate hand.


Most said drawers should be abiding the aforementioned as you set a banquet table, starting with forks on the left, followed by knives and spoons on the right, with a baby area for teaspoons active angular beyond the basal of the tray.

‘Why would you put the knives on the larboard in the drawer back at the table you authority your knife with your RIGHT hand?’ a mother from Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island said. 

‘Put the knife and angle in the drawer as you would lay them on the table…then spoons go to the side. Honestly, I anguish for mankind. I had no abstraction so abounding bodies were accepting this simple abstraction so wrong!’

An Israeli woman agreed, adage drawers should consistently be abiding with forks on the left, knives in the centre and ambrosia and soup spoons on the right. 

But not anybody accustomed the accepted table ambience pattern.

‘This is all wrong, it’s messing with my head. It’s forks, spoons, again knives,’ a man said. 

A Queensland ancestor responded that alone ‘psychopaths’ assemblage spoons in the average of the tray.

Freedom Kitchens chief exhibit artist Elain Maytom told Home Beautiful Australia ‘there are no adamantine and fast rules’ for alignment a cutlery drawer.

However best bodies adopt to assignment allegedly from larboard to right, the aforementioned way you would set a table, with forks on the left, followed by knives with blades adverse left, and assuredly spoons.

‘It consistently makes faculty to accept the handles adverse out and abutting to you, so that’s what you grab authority of back demography them out,’ Ms Maytom said.

Source: Home Beautiful Australia 

One decidedly amorous Auckland woman accepted to apperceive why spoons would anytime appear amid forks and knives.

‘Where is the logic?!’ she asked.

She said the blueprint should run forks followed by knives, ambrosia spoons and soup spoons, with teaspoons forth the bottom.

‘And heaven advice anyone who has their teaspoons adverse in altered directions!’ she said.

A woman from New Zealand’s North Island said the alone way to abundance cutlery is with spoons on the left, forks in the average and knives on the right.

‘I’ve consistently put it that way, and it drives me mad back the added bisected puts them in a altered order. It’s aloof not appropriate any added way,’ she said.


Her access was accurate by a Wellington man, who said spoons should consistently be on the larboard because they are ‘first out for cereal’ at breakfast time.

Kitchen Ikea Drawers
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