4 New Ideas Modern Living Room Design

4 New Ideas Modern Living Room Design –

Modern farmhouse architecture has been accepted for years, but if you’re annoyed of barn doors and shiplap, the latest adventure of “Fixer to Fabulous” shows off a acknowledgment alternative: avant-garde industrial.


modern-living-room-ideas-inspirational-decor-4-on-living-design | Modern Living Room Design

4 Stylish Modern Living Room Ideas (Photos)

4 Stylish Modern Living Room Ideas (Photos) | Modern Living Room Design

4 essential tips for designing a modern living room

4 essential tips for designing a modern living room | Modern Living Room Design

In “Old Dojo to Avant-garde Mojo,” Jenny and Dave Marrs advice Jennifer and Philip Cristofaros reimagine an old karate collapsed in Arkansas. They’re accustomed a big account of $215,000 to fix up this home, but they’ll charge every penny because this amplitude needs a ton of work.

Read on to acquisition out how Dave and Jenny actualize the quintessential avant-garde automated home, which ability affect some upgrades about your own abode, too.


Jenny and Dave apperceive that Jennifer and Philip adulation avant-garde automated style, so they alpha their advance by giving the exoteric a glassy upgrade.

They awning this above karate collapsed with adhesive balustrade to accord it a clean, avant-garde look.

“It’s absolutely simple, has apple-pie lines, and it’s activity to attending absolutely glassy and modern,” Jenny says of the paneling.


Then to accomplishment the exterior, Dave and Jenny acrylic the balustrade atramentous to accomplish it attending added contemporary.

modern living room brown design https://emfurn.com/collections

modern living room brown design https://emfurn.com/collections | Modern Living Room Design

While atramentous accurate balustrade on a abode may complete aphotic and uninviting, back commutual with a complete timberline in the advanced backyard and affluence of new greenery, this abode looks both avant-garde and comfortable.


Jennifer and Philip adulation the automated avant-garde style, so back they cull up the carpeting in their new home and acquisition concrete, they adjudge to accumulate the look.

Jenny and Dave anticipate this is a abundant idea, and they action to accompany in a aggregation to accomplish the accurate attending alike better.

“They booty a architecture bean and appear in actuality and bullwork the concrete,” Dave says, analytical the floor.


When the cutting is done, the floors attending agleam and sleek. This active allowance still has that automated look, but now, with a ablaze sheen, these accurate floors attending finished.


While Jenny and Dave adjudge to use a lot of accurate in this automated renovation, they apprehend that they’ll charge to mix it up with some added abstracts so that the home doesn’t end up attractive algid and flat.

Philip and Jennifer mentioned that they acclimated to alive in New York City, so Jenny is aggressive to accompany a little bit of burghal appearance to this house.


Dave adds a band of brick to the kitchen wall, giving the amplitude an burghal feel. Back it’s finished, the brick appearance looks decidedly authentic.

“It aloof feels like you baldheaded a bank in an old architecture like in Manhattan,” Jenny says of the accomplished product.

The brick provides arrangement and blush to the automated home and adds a warm, rustic affection to a amplitude that contrarily ability feel too modern.


While the brick bank adds blush and arrangement to the kitchen, Jenny and Dave apperceive it’s not abundant to account all of the automated avant-garde appearance in this active space.

So they agency a ablaze and adventurous mural to be corrective on one of the walls. The floral account allotment is a abrupt adverse to the aerial colors and apple-pie curve in the blow of the house, which makes the home feel dynamic.

“It is the absolute contrast,” Jenny says.


Dave and Jenny apperceive that it’s activity to booty a lot of banknote to about-face this old dojo into a dream home, so they’re accurate to save money wherever they can.

Jenny comes up with an abstraction to save money on the new patio by painting the accurate slab, rather than affairs tile. She uses a arrangement to acrylic a geometric architecture anon on the concrete.

“I do anticipate it is activity to ascertain the amplitude and set it afar from aloof a accustomed accurate slab patio,” Jenny says.

After the assignment is done overall, it’s adamantine to accept this abode was already a abandoned karate studio. It looks like Jenny and Dave accept becoming their atramentous belt in avant-garde automated design!

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Modern Living Room Design
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