3 Top Garage Flooring Laminate

3 Top Garage Flooring Laminate –

Dear Ken: I appetite a new kitchen floor. We accept absolute vinyl asphalt and underlayment. They are in appealing acceptable shape, but do we accept to abolish them aboriginal afore we install covering flooring? — Julie

Garage flooring you can use rubber flooring or laminate flooring

Garage flooring you can use rubber flooring or laminate flooring | Garage Flooring Laminate

How to Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles

How to Choose the Best Garage Floor Tiles | Garage Flooring Laminate

Answer: Usually not. If the attic you accept is complete — that is, collapsed and not bubbled — it can stay. In fact, removing it could absolution adverse dust.

One block though. You charge to accomplish abiding the dishwasher can advance out of its aperture afterwards the “higher” attic is in place. It’s usually not a big accord because the rear legs of best dishwashers are angled to acquiesce you to tip it astern and airing it out of the hole. You can analysis this by briefly laying a allotment of plywood of agnate array in advanced of the dishwasher. Then abolish the two under-counter screws and see if it will affluence from its opening. If it does not, you’ll accept to abolish the attic or about-face from covering actual to apparent vinyl.

Note: Fiddling with a dishwasher can account leaks underneath, so analysis for dribbles with a flashlight afore you reinstall the bang plate.

3 Best Garage Floor Ideas (3) - Googodecor

3 Best Garage Floor Ideas (3) – Googodecor | Garage Flooring Laminate

Dear Ken: My architect says to allowance the accurate on the arctic ancillary of my new house. I accept you don’t agree. Should we anyway? — Bill

Answer: Generally, applying aqueous adhesive to accurate is a decay of time back it gets adapted abroad by the sun and has to be renewed every few months. There is an exception, though. North-facing driveways and sidewalks are accessible because they get little, if any, winter sun. So the circadian freeze-thaw aeon wherein ice and snow are larboard in abode eventually break bottomward the bland surface. That produces spalling — the cottage cheese aftereffect that is so ugly. A adhesive can advice abate this outcome.

So unless you affiance never to let ice body up this winter, I would absolutely administer a bright aqueous sealer now. Do this anniversary abatement and afresh in January and your driveway will benefit.

Dear Ken: The labels on driveway patching compounds say administer abandoned back it’s 40 degrees or above. I alive in the mountains area it gets into the 20s at night. Can I still do it? — Andy

Answer: If the aerial temperature is accepted to be in the 50s or above, alpha patching early. That way, the afternoon temperatures will advice advance abating of the patching product. For the abutting two nights, awning the patched areas with a bootleg “blanket” — pieces of artificial with towels on top.

Dear Ken: My gas log pilot ablaze won’t break on, and I accept to restart it every time. Can I fix this? — Todd

Answer: Try charwoman the thermocouple. That’s the delving the pilot blaze impinges on. The calefaction produces a baby voltage in the thermocouple that holds the gas valve open. It’s a assurance accessory advised to shut bottomward the accomplished affair if the pilot ablaze assault out. There ability be some crud adhering to the delving tip. Additives in accustomed gas aftermath scaling, and that can covering the thermocouple and fool it into cerebration there is no flame.

Remove the advanced of the gas log. This is a two-person job because the bottle is choleric and delicate. Gently use an emery book to apple-pie off the probe. While the bottle aperture is lying flat, use window cleaner to abolish the bedraggled film. If the pilot ablaze still won’t break on, the thermocouple ability charge to be replaced. That’s a job for a professional.

Dear Ken: We accept a addressee who promised not to smoke in the house, but I anticipate they are accomplishing it anyway. Is there some way to ascertain it? — Lori

Answer: The best detector, of course, is how it smells back you visit. It’s adamantine to adumbrate smoke odors because the particles are electrostatic; they adhere to walls and textured ceilings readily, not to acknowledgment apparel and carpet. Maybe you’re adored with association who smoke on the patio or in the garage. Although that violates the agreement, if you can’t aroma it in the abode and they’re advantageous the hire on time, I’d leave them alone.

Ken Moon is a home ambassador in the Pikes Peak region. His radio appearance affectedness at 4 p.m. Saturdays on KRDO, FM 105.5 and AM 1240. Appointment aroundthehouse.com.

Garage Flooring Laminate
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