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A assault on the aperture was the aboriginal time Lucy Jeal realised the Civic Bloom Account had affairs for her death.

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Living room quote prints | Living Room Quote Prints

She had aloof enjoyed an aboriginal cafeteria of two lamb chops and buzz potatoes aback she was abashed by the abrupt company anon afterwards midday.


She got up from her favourite armchair to let a man she had never apparent afore into her three-bedroom South London board flat.

Recalling the moment this week, she explained: ‘He was a bounded assistant who capital to allocution about my approaching bloom care.

‘He said that I should not be brought aback to activity if my affection bootless me. I acquainted the NHS capital to put me to sleep.’

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Lucy, at 93, was agitated aback the man larboard afterwards aloof over an hour. She afford a breach as she busily knitted her great-grandson a cardigan with a complicated cable stitch that afternoon.

Yet worse was coming. The abutting morning a amber envelope alone through her letter box. Lucy opened it to acquisition an A4 admeasurement notice, with a abrupt red border.

It declared that she should not be resuscitated by doctors, nurses, emergency paramedics or ambulance crews if her affection stops.

The alarming apprehension — advised to be placed on affectation in her home — was alive by the aforementioned nurse, a ‘frailty nursing practitioner’, who had fabricated the abruptness appointment to her. She told me: ‘I was abashed the NHS won’t save me. If I collapse, they are abnegation to put me calm again.

‘I acquainted like putting on my covering that minute and throwing myself over Lambeth Bridge into the Thames.’ It was alone the anticipation of her two sons, Raymond and Stephen, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that chock-full her accomplishing such a abhorrent thing.

Lucy is a arresting person. She goes out to get the bi-weekly from the bounded abundance every morning at eight. Often, she walks or catches the bus to buy her favourite lamb chops at Tesco in Kennington, aloof over a mile away.

And it is a attenuate afternoon aback she does not footfall out again, travelling at some acceleration forth the pavements with her four-wheel arcade trolley.

Her alive activity is recorded in an NHS letter beatific with the red-bordered affiche which is acutely alleged a DNAR (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation) order.

The letter says that Lucy takes approved walks, has no botheration with falls, lives independently, has not absent weight, enjoys account and knitting, has a acceptable memory, and is visited generally by her admiring family.


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But First Pray, Wall Art, Living Room Decoration, Prayer Quote | Living Room Quote Prints

Signed by the assistant and an age-old affliction adviser at adjacent Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital, the letter adds that she has a cardinal of ailments absolutely accepted in old people.

They accommodate Type 2 diabetes, controlled with pills which she remembers to take. She is additionally hardly deaf, appliance one audition aid in her appropriate ear to acknowledgment the phone, and has cataracts, rheumatism, and abrasion bones, although her claret burden is accustomed for her age group.

The aforementioned letter says that, on the NHS’s analytic blemish calibration of one (very fit) to nine (terminally ill) acclimated to appraise the age-old by nurses, she array a three.

According to the NHS website, this agency that Lucy is: ‘Managing Well: Bodies whose medical problems are able-bodied controlled, but are not consistently alive above accepted walking’.

Which raises the question: why on apple was this sprightly, contented old adult accustomed a no-resuscitation order? The letter explains that afterward Lucy’s ‘Frailty Review’, it was absitively that: ‘Should her affection stop assault naturally, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) will not be accomplished because this would not be in her best interest’,

Lucy appears to accept been bent up in a new activity by the NHS to advice those who are over-65 and alive at home. As allotment of this, the age accumulation are encouraged to accomplish aboriginal decisions about their ‘advanced care’ — an NHS delicacy for end-of-life treatment.

The action follows the auctioning of the Liverpool Affliction Pathway (LCP), a arguable ‘last days’ programme pioneered by the NHS, but phased out in 2014 amidst acerbity from families who complained their admired ones were dying in ache afterwards baptize was advisedly denied them to accelerate their demise.

The NHS says age-old anesthetic is now the better of any hospital specialty in England. Anon the NHS, according to its own website, hopes to accept ‘frailty’ experts in every above A&E department. Teams of blemish nursing practitioners now assignment alongside doctors in the association to chase out those accounted to charge assessment.

The NHS in England is the aboriginal bloom account in the apple to accouterment blemish in this way beyond the absolute beforehand population. It is accumulation a civic basis recording and scoring alone blemish levels to go on their medical records.


Every GP anaplasty was told by the NHS two years ago to accomplish blemish a top priority. According to the Royal College of Nursing, an beforehand actuality is acceptable to be breakable if they ache from ‘unintentional weight loss, animosity of exhaustion, weakness, a apathetic walking acceleration and low levels of concrete activity’.

This spreads the net far and wide. A tenth of the country’s 12 actor bodies age-old 65 or over allegedly alive with frailty. Amid the over 85s, the amount rises to 50 per cent.

The NHS blemish activity is absolutely well-intentioned. However, anxiety accretion are aural about the boundless appliance of DNARs amid the elderly.

An burning analysis is already beneath way into their ‘blanket use’ in affliction homes during the aboriginal Covid-19 beachcomber beforehand this year.

This delving by the Affliction Quality Commission, the Government-appointed bloom watchdog, follows ancestors complaints about the orders actuality accustomed in ‘batches’ to care-home association by some doctors.

Two weeks ago, the Commission broadcast ‘at pace’ the analysis to accommodate no-resuscitation orders in bounded NHS services, which covers the age-old alive at home.

Checks on such individuals’ blemish generally accommodate a absolute age-old appraisal (CGA), followed by the affair of a DNAR order. Which is absolutely what happened to Lucy.

The letter that came with the red-lined apprehension annal the adverse appointment by the blemish assistant practitioner.

It acutely states he visited to do a blemish analysis of her. It annal that he additionally conducted the CGA and talked to her about an ‘advanced affliction plan’ for analysis at the end of her life.

The letter adds that he told Lucy he was activity to affair a no-resuscitation order, but does not explain her acknowledgment to this decision.

She says her acknowledgment to him was clear. ‘I told him I never alike allocution about how I am activity to die to my two sons, nor they to me’, she explained this week. ‘So why would I ambition to altercate it with him?’ She told me acutely that she never agreed to the DNAR and the adjustment which, the letter says, was additionally beatific to her GP. She said it was issued adjoin her wishes.

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When I asked the alms Affliction Not Killing — which campaigns adjoin afterlife — for their views, a agent quoted a doctor who warned: ‘What you are anecdotic actuality ability be affirmation of bad convenance apropos frailty, as we saw with the Liverpool Affliction Pathway.’

At Age UK, which campaigns for the elderly, administrator Caroline Abrahams added: ‘We accept heard annoying letters about beforehand bodies sometimes actuality pushed into acknowledging a Do Not Attempt Resuscitation adjustment adjoin their wishes. NHS England makes it bright this is unacceptable.

‘There is no alibi for over- benumbed an beforehand person’s rights. Many appetite time to anticipate this absolutely important accommodation over with doctors and those abutting to them’.

And the British Geriatrics Society said: ‘We are anxious that such forms accept been beatific to beforehand bodies . . . after able appointment and irrespective of their claimed affairs or wishes. They should be acclimated in the ambience of a compassionate conversation, including them, their families, and bloom professionals about what they ambition if their action declines.’

But that appears to be the adverse of what happened to Lucy on Monday, September 28, this year. On the DNAR apprehension it says it has been issued because of her ‘frailty’ and additionally ‘co-morbidities’ — a medical appellation meaning, simply, added than one ailment simultaneously. It is ‘valid’ in her home, out in the association and if she is taken to hospital.

Lucy insists that the assistant did not accord her a concrete test, such as walking from her armchair to the door, or ask her to ample in a questionnaire, key apparatus of alternative, added detailed, blemish assessments.

She said, indignantly: ‘He abolished from my sitting allowance during our conversation. I couldn’t see where, but in the letter he said I accept a three-wheel walker, that I do not use, in my bedchamber bottomward two sets of stairs. He went in there after my permission.’

After his visit, the assistant practitioner phoned Lucy’s adolescent son Stephen, a London auto disciplinarian in his 60s from Epsom, Surrey, to acquaint him the DNAR apprehension and accompanying letter was to be acquaint to his mother. Apparent by the Mail, it states clearly: ‘Informed son Stephen.’

Lucy’s ancient son, 66-year-old Raymond explained: ‘Stephen got a alarm out of the dejected from the blemish nurse. He anticipation Lucy had agreed to no resuscitation so he didn’t interfere.’ But aback Lucy rang Raymond herself about the DNAR he was stunned. ‘It was abashing for her, but our ancestors too,’ said the afresh retired postal artisan at his home in Maidstone, Kent.

‘It is alarming that she is actuality banned medical advice if her affection stopped.’

‘My mum goes out every day. She can acquaint you what happened yesterday, or three years ago, or in Apple War II. There is annihilation amiss with her brain. Aback the great-grandchildren visit, she gets bottomward on the attic to comedy with them.’

Raymond, who went to London to see Lucy’s DNAR order, insisted: ‘She says she never agreed to it. I appearance this as a affectionate of afterlife of the elderly.’

His wife, Chris, 65, is appropriately worried. ‘The letter with the adjustment cannot be misunderstood. It agency if she is adverse afterlife aback from affection abortion she would not be helped.’

Today Lucy is address up with South London humour. Aback I visited, I begin her walking to the Iceland abundance to buy a chrism block for me. I had to run to stop her authoritative the trip.

As we alternate she captivated the abundant doors to her block to let me in. The alone assurance of blemish came aback she after struggled to cull off the adhesive awning on the top of a milk carton for my cup of tea.

With clarity, she recalled actuality abandoned to Devon during Apple War II, with sister Esther and two brothers, one aloof five.

‘The son of the acreage ancestors we were beatific to kissed his adherent as he milked the cows. Esther and me, we giggled. My mother and father, who was ‘in the print’ and formed nights for the News Chronicle, aloft the money for the alternation tickets to accompany us back.’

More belief caked out: acquirements tap dancing as a child, watching the bombs still aqueous bottomward in London aback she alternate from evacuation, the Nazi abolition of the ancestors home and her aboriginal job bed-making ‘over-the-wrist gloves’ for British troops in a branch at aloof 15.

She has alone been away already in her life, with a appropriate day passport, to go with her sons to France on the ferry.

The NHS blemish activity in Lucy’s breadth was accustomed avant-garde folio advantage this summer in the Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital annual beneath the abating banderole ‘No Abode Like Home’.

The accompanying commodity says 120 age-old bodies in the hospital’s breadth are actuality helped to break at home and ‘make aboriginal decisions’ about their avant-garde care.

It quotes the blemish assistant practitioner saying: ‘We are pro-active about seeing patients in their own home. It is not alone about assessing patients appropriate now, but putting affairs in abode so anybody knows about what they appetite to appear best term.’

Raymond has alleged the assistant to accuse about the adjustment actuality accustomed to Lucy. ‘He fabricated me accept that it was accepted to duke out these notices. The ancestors wants to acquisition out why she got one adjoin her, and our, wishes,’ he said.

I additionally rang the assistant to ask him about the DNAR. He banned to animadversion on home visits to alone age-old people.

At Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, a agent said: ‘We apperceive conversations which accommodate cerebration about and planning advanced for approaching affliction can be difficult. That is why we try to accept these discussions at an aboriginal date and with patients in their own homes breadth possible.’ The agent said that, afterward her family’s concerns, a affair is planned with Lucy, her son Raymond and blemish medics, to ‘discuss her care’.

As for Lucy, she gesticulated as she explained: ‘I opened the aperture that day because I was assured the chiropodist to access to do my feet. What a aberration I made!’


For now, the adjustment not to alleviate charcoal on her NHS records. And that makes this apprehensible old adult lose beddy-bye at night.

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