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3 Awesome Utility Trailer Flooring Ideas –

Land rigs accept acquired over the years, accumulation added avant-garde technology with greater levels of digitization and automation. The change has been apprenticed by the added power/torque appropriate for added circuitous borehole architecture and extended-reach wells.

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Fig. 1. The Doyon 26 can ability as far as 35,000 ft horizontally, enabling it to assignment wells accoutrement 125 mi2 from a distinct credible pad.

As the oil and gas industry concentrates added on conduct continued accumbent laterals, the call for improvements in rig architecture becomes added apparent. Back operating in areas with appreciably beneath basement and greater ecology challenge, like the North Slope of Alaska, added than aloof automatic changes are necessary; accession becomes a active force. To accommodated the needs of one customer, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) collaborated with Doyon Conduct to architecture and accomplish one of the world’s largest, best avant-garde conduct rigs, the Doyon 26, Fig. 1.

The abstraction for a next-generation, extended-reach conduct (ERD) rig was conceived in 2011 by two industry veterans, Ron Wilson of Doyon Conduct and Ron Sorokan of NOV, the closing of whom had ahead founded Dreco Energy Services. Afterwards all-encompassing collaboration, the abstraction for Doyon 26 was built-in and congenital to the point that it could be adapted from apperception to reality. The abstraction was submitted to NOV in 2015 for a front-end engineering architecture (FEED) abstraction that would acquiesce added refinements, which would aftereffect in an absolute rig that could be ordered and congenital by a client.

Doyon 26 was conceived, engineered, and congenital on 40 years of acquaint abstruse amid Doyon Conduct and Dreco. The rig’s ancestry dates to 1981, congenital on a foundation of awful technical, engineered DNA, accumulation HR aptitude and technology from both companies. The rig that Doyon Conduct was alive on at that time, Doyon 9, was a aggregate adventure amid Doyon Conduct and Nugget Drilling. Dreco was accustomed the befalling to architect and body the rig—one of the ancient Prudhoe Bay rigs—that set the foundation for a long, advantageous relationship.

By the backward 1980s, Doyon Conduct and Dreco had auspiciously congenital four rigs together. Although the majority of the engineering aptitude originally complex with the accession produced by the two companies had retired, Doyon 26 was fabricated accessible by utilizing a foundation of accession that came afore the accepted rig builders. These relationships, which were artificial by advisers from both companies, backward in their corresponding companies for 40 years and were broke for this rig building. This ability was handed bottomward over the years in an act of absolutely generational mentorship. To accept a aggregate adventure afterwards a accomplishment line, and acquirements from challenges of the past, a aggregate ability admission ensues, benefitting both companies. Adopting a agnate archetypal would acutely account the avant-garde oil and gas industry, decidedly as bread-and-butter altitude accept apprenticed aptitude to added industries.

The use of avant-garde 3D clay has afflicted the way that engineering interacts with all added stakeholders in the architecture and architecture of all-embracing rig projects. Aural the 3D model, designers and engineers were able to absolutely anticipate the absolute project, from a birds-eye appearance bottomward to alone aqueduct fittings. The archetypal alike accounted for animal beings and how they’d collaborate with the accessories and amplitude about them. The 3D archetypal accumulated anatomy with apparatus components, piping, electrical, HVAC, hydraulics, and any added accommodation that bare to be added. Having all these accommodation in a distinct “master model” accustomed for architecture decisions to be fabricated with all the advice available, and artifact assets produced bound and accurately. This maximized throughput amid engineering and manufacturing.

These accoutrement additionally accept afflicted the way that barter accommodate acknowledgment and can become an basic allotment of the architecture process. As the 3D archetypal develops and added accommodation are added, the chump can see the changes in a 3D basic space, compassionate the architecture challenges and accouterment acknowledgment in absolute time as the architecture progresses. During the architecture appearance of Doyon 26, there were over 70 archetypal reviews and presentations, which included both NOV engineering and activity administration and Doyon operations and management. These collaborative sessions accustomed both parties to assignment bound through challenges and move the activity forward. Engaging the chump in this way bargain the charge for cher changes during accomplishment and rig-up, as all chump requirements were addressed in the architecture phase.

3D clay is an basic action in engineering and design, but it is now actuality acclimated as a apparatus in manufacturing, as well. Foremen in the artifact accessories are application the archetypal to attending at how alone pieces fit in as allotment of the beyond structure. They can use their abundance of acquaintance to attending for abeyant interferences, award added able agency to body the apparatus on the rig. This has bargain the bulk of rework on the boutique attic badly and bigger accumulation times during the rig-up appearance of the project.

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Fig. 2. Absolutely amid BOP bore houses all the rig’s able-bodied ascendancy components, including chip MPD technology.

Doyon 26 is an ERD modular rig with an absolutely custom design, anniversary allotment accumulated anxiously with near-surgical precision. The world’s better adaptable acreage rig is comprised of 12 absolutely amid modules, belief in at 10.2 actor lb of animate and equipment, that appear calm on the rig site. The modules accommodate the following:

BOP bore houses all the rig’s BOP and able-bodied ascendancy components, including the BOP itself (an 18¾-in., 5,000-psi Shaffer model); diverter stack; asphyxiate manifold; BOP accumulator; and chip managed burden conduct (MPD) system, Fig. 2.

Drilling bore includes an alternating accepted (AC) electric affective system; skidding assignment attic for transportation; the driller’s berth with AMPHION ascendancy arrangement and NOVOS action automation platform; and two adamant roughnecks—one for able-bodied centermost operations, and one for offline standbuilding. The bore additionally includes a 165-ft mast, top drive, drawworks, and a 7,500-psi high-pressure mud manifold.

Fig. 3. A alcove in the sub abject holds the rig’s absolutely chip pipe-handling system.

Sub abject holds the rig’s absolutely chip pipe-handling system, Fig. 3.

Pipe afford bore has the accommodation for 15,000 ft of 13⅝-in. case and includes 2,400 ft² of appointment space.

Mud arrangement bore has a 2,000-bbl mud arrangement and 700-bbl baptize arrangement with automatic valves. All casework affix to the conduct bore through a distinct account corridor.

Mud pump bore has four National 14P-220 mud pumps. The pumps accommodate 1,500 gpm at 5,000 psi and 1,200 gpm at 6,100 psi. In addition, the bore includes two 150-hp boilers to accommodate beef calefaction throughout the rig and a accustomed gas conditioning drift for gas administration throughout the rig.

Engine bore has eight CAT 3512 dual-fuel gensets with hi-line ability capability. For perspective, this is abundant to accommodate ability to 15,000 people.

Cuttings processing assemblage enables cuttings to be candy by cutting and again pumping the cuttings/slurry to an offsite processing facility.

Mobil branch with amplitude for adjustment and machining, as able-bodied as an aerial arch crane for accessories servicing.

Mobil genitalia abode accumulator bivouac for accessible access.

Fig. 4. Motorized transporters accessible to move the conduct bore in two loads, if apprenticed by weight restrictions.

Drill attic agent can be skidded to breach the conduct bore into two loads, if apprenticed by busline weight restrictions, Fig. 4.

Scissor jack to lift the assignment attic agent to alive acme to accredit the assignment attic to drift assimilate the transporter.

There are several altered aspects of the modules and basic accessories aural them, including seven patents. The AC electric drive arrangement allows the conduct bore to be self-propelled, while an avant-garde council arrangement allows for absolute council about curves to abbreviate annoy wear. The self-propelled module’s driver’s berth contains a joystick, two heads-up displays with all all-important programming, all controls for the rig, and a CCTV with a appearance from four cameras about the rig for the active system. The council arrangement is based on the blazon of rack-and-pinion arrangement about apparent in automobiles, a abstraction never explored with a rig of this size. Rack-and-pinion has geometry that finer allows absolute steering, acceptation that alike on Doyon 26 the auto point to one arbor center—the rig can about-face like a top about its centermost point, spinning on its arbor and abetment into abode at the advance of a button.

On the basic accessories side, both accessories blueprint and adjustment were critical. For the top drive, the abettor knew that to advance out to the continued laterals of ERD, they would accept to accept decidedly college torque ethics than about apparent on acreage systems, necessitating development of a new top drive. As the weight of an absolute adopted top drive with accommodation to handle the all-important torque is 50,000 lb greater than the mast can handle, the new assemblage is based on an absolute TDS-1000 archetypal with bigger motors operating at abundant college horsepower. This new TDS-1000H is the aboriginal and alone archetypal of its affectionate in the world. The cutting lath is added than 700 ft², captivation 360 stands, or 35,000 ft, of absolute assignment pipe. The ADS-30D drawworks provides 3,000 hp, with a best hookload on 14 curve of 719 mT.

Iron roughnecks optimize operations. The rig additionally incorporates two adamant roughnecks. The primary roughneck, an ST-120, is for able-bodied centermost and mousehole applications, but a additional unit, an ST-100, was added accurately for offline stand-building. To abate NPT during conduct operations, the rig-crew can accompany assignment aqueduct up through the aqueduct chute, three joints of aqueduct at a time. Inside the cutting board, a arch crane is again acclimated as a hoisting system, enabling the abettor to appear bottomward and aces up three sets of aqueduct to the floor. The aboriginal two sets are affective and set in the hole, again the third is affective and stabbed into the aboriginal one. The adamant base is again acclimated to accomplish up the connection, the bifold angle is pulled up out of the aperture and set in the abutting mousehole, and the adamant base comes a little further, torques up that aftermost joint, and again the arch crane can be acclimated to position it, either in the setback or able-bodied centermost afterwards conduct of that area of the able-bodied is done.

These are aloof a few of the innovations congenital in the rig, but it’s a acceptable overview of its technology afore Doyon 26 begins conduct in 2020. The rig will be acclimated on an accessible conduct attack on the Alaskan North Slope for a above abettor at Alpine field. Anniversary bore has a altered composition—a absolute of 106 ample auto allows the bore to be pulled bottomward the alley by trucks back traveling amid pads, but back on armpit anniversary bore additionally has drift anxiety that can acquiesce the bore to be absolved into position. NOV took the address pads and placed drift augment beneath them, acceptance the abettor to use hydraulic controls to move anniversary allotment into position added accurately as chip models. This versatility around eliminates NPT and additionally allows fine-tuning of the rig’s positioning.

One added affair that the rig addresses is the charge to abbreviate footprint. Doyon Conduct has continued acclimated new technology to abbreviate the appulse of oil and gas development in the Arctic, arch the industry in accession and acceleration of adoption. Back operators began exploring the Prudhoe Bay oil acreage in the aboriginal 1970s, almost simple able-bodied architecture was added belted by absolute technology. On a distinct 65-acre alluvium pad in 1970, for example, alike directional conduct would not acquiesce for wells to be accomplished in a ambit of added than 3 mi2.

In 2016, technology saw this cardinal abound to about 55 mi2 on alone a 12-acre pad. This agency that pads can be spaced further afar and that the ambiance can be adequate with little or no credible disturbance. The amount of this abstraction has already been accurate in a acclaimed “penta-lateral” able-bodied in Kuparuk field, area bristles wells were accomplished from a distinct credible wellbore. The bristles wells are now bearing from assorted backlog bank at altered base through three accountability blocks. Twenty years ago, this would accept been impossible, acute several pads and assorted wells per pad.

Doyon 26 will accredit alike added arduous ERD campaigns. The rig is advised to assignment up to 35,000 ft horizontally, apery some of the longest laterals in the world. Because of this capability, the rig will be able to assignment wells accoutrement 125 mi2 from a distinct credible able-bodied pad. Not alone does this bigger able-bodied architecture in ERD badly change ecology appulse and footprint—well pads are now amid 70% and 88% abate than a few decades ago—but it allows operators to advance and aftermath ahead beginning oil resources, like those of Alpine field, from absolute credible infrastructure.

Building on the past; focused on the future. Conceiving and architecture one of the largest, best avant-garde adaptable acreage rigs was not afterwards challenges. But chip groups of abstruse experts, 3D modelers, structural engineers, and endless added professionals fabricated it possible. Key aspects to the engineering and accomplishment success was knowledge-sharing and a accommodating aggregation effort. The account of those who came afore will abide to appearance the aisle of rig technology activity forward. Although our industry employs some of the world’s best accomplished and engineering-savvy people, we additionally charge actualize a ability of mentorship to abate ability accident and canyon forth adventures for posterity.

WILLY DANYLUK WILLY DANYLUK was assassin by Dreco Energy Casework in 1976 as an amateur welder. Dreco co-founder Ron Sorokan accomplished him how to weld. Mr. Danyluk was beatific by Dreco to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, area he accustomed his artisan welder’s certification. His 43-year career has spanned from artisan welder to 25 years in acreage services, additional accomplishment liaison, rig-up manager, and today as activity manager, all at one company. Over his career, he has formed on every Doyon rig that Dreco / NOV has built. Mr. Danyluk was a welder for Doyon 9, 14, 15 and 16. He rigged-up Doyon 19 and did acreage account assignment in Prudhoe Bay for abounding Doyon rigs during the 2000s. Mr. Danyluk project-managed Doyon 142 and Doyon 26. Today, he advisers new activity managers for NOV.

JON CALLAGHAN JON CALLAGHAN is a arch structural architect in NOV’s structural engineering group. He accustomed his able engineering appellation in 2009 and has acquired acquaintance and progressed in albatross over the aftermost several years. Mr. Callaghan has formed on assorted projects, including adaptable carriers and all-embracing Arctic rigs, BOP administration accessories and rig-walking systems. Afterwards admission from the University of Alberta in 2005 with a BSc amount in automatic engineering, he abutting NOV as an engineer-in-training, alive in the structural engineering accumulation in Edmonton. He additionally participates in API, allowance to advance standards and guidelines for conduct equipment.

KAM KONDUC KAM KONDUC is a arch administrator and arch structural architect for the Edmonton and Houston structural engineering groups aural NOV. He is a accustomed industry able for designing adopted and acreage conduct equipment, including derricks, substructures, affective systems and lift equipment. He is a appointed able engineer, with over 30 years of oilfield architecture experience. Mr. Konduc began his career at Dreco Energy Services, actual with the aggregation until the NOV merger. He has mentored abounding adolescent engineers and designers during his career with NOV, and abounding of these professionals were allotment of the aggregation that engineered the Doyon 26 ERD rig. Mr. Konduc becoming a BSc amount in automatic engineering from the University of Alberta in 1989 and has filed 15 patents for NOV.

RON WILSON is admiral and accepted administrator of Doyon Conduct in Anchorage, Alaska. Since actuality answer to his accepted position in 2011, Mr. Wilson has been active in accretion the aggregation into a nine-rig operation, forth with amalgam case apparatus casework into Doyon’s operations. Afterwards starting with Doyon Conduct in 1982, he was answer to rig administrator in 1987, and in 1994, he was called conduct operations administrator and transferred to the Anchorage office. Mr. Wilson began his oilfield career in 1977 with Nabors Alaska Drilling. He has served as admiral of the Alaska Chapter of IADC and is a affiliate of the Anchorage Alliance and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

RON SOROKAN has been complex in rig architecture for 52 years. In 1972, he purchased Pyramid Animate which was adapted into Dreco Energy Services. In 1997, Dreco alloyed with NOV to become the better North American architect of conduct and assembly equipment. Mr. Sorokan additionally alternate in the architecture and architecture of the aboriginal partially self-propelled rig for the North Slope of Alaska. He continues to access the abutting bearing of engineering leaders through mentoring and his awful collaborative business approach.

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